Ultimate beneficial owner API

Meet our straightforward Ultimate Beneficial Owners API: It helps you quickly find out who really owns a company, no fuss, no muss. A valuable tool for due diligence and transparency, built for those who appreciate directness and efficiency.

Easy Ownership Tracing

Identify real owners fast, saving you time and effort.

Regulatory Compliance

Easily adhere to legal requirements with accurate data at your fingertips.

Risk Mitigation

Make informed decisions by understanding the ownership structures of potential partners or investments.

Data-Driven Insights

Harness reliable data for sharper insights and better business strategies.

Try it out

Try these examples: Danske Bank A/S · Wolt International OY · Visma AS


Please see our documentation for more information on how to use the API.


Simple no-tricks pricing

We built our APIs because we found no alternative with fair pricing. Therefore we'll have generous free tiers, and easy to understand, scalable pricing with no minimum commitments and no long contracts.

Free tier


Enough for basic use cases with simple needs.

  • 100 API calls per month

  • Company search and autocomplete

  • Annual reports and company metrics

  • Relations, owners and UBOs


€20 /mo

Our full data-set at your disposal.

  • Unlimited API calls
    100 included, 0.05€ per call afterwards

  • Full access to all data

  • Annual report data + company metrics

  • Similar companies

  • Relations, owners and UBOs

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You can start fetching company data through our API within 60 seconds. It's free to get started and the pricing scales with you.