Open API for Danish company data, directly from CVR

Through our API you can access all the data that is available in the Danish CVR business registry.

Real time updates

Our data is updated from CVR in real time.

Danish CVR Data Hub

Obtain detailed Danish company information including UBOs and ownership structures with ease.

Industry & Alternate Names

Discover industry trends and track companies even with alternate names, all in one place.

Streamlined Access

A single, unified API for quick access to comprehensive data from the Danish CVR registry.

Flexible Integration

Incorporate our API smoothly into your existing systems for efficient Danish market analysis.

Simple no-tricks pricing

We built our APIs because we found no alternative with fair pricing.
Therefore we'll have generous free tiers, and easy to understand, scalable pricing with no minimum commitments and no long contracts.

Company data API

Access all our company data in all countries.

What's included

  • Access to company data from Denmark, Norway, France, Belgium, Finland, UK.
  • Ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs)
  • Ownership hierarchies
  • Contact information
  • Industry classification
  • Look up by ID, name, address, registration number, etc.

Price per API call


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